Tiny Habits

Tiny Habits

BJ Fogg, PhD of Stanford University has spent years researching the benefit of developing tiny habits. Now is not the time to abandon healthy habits, in fact, it is time to embrace them to position yourself with strength and resilience. Of course now is also not the time to overhaul everything and make huge changes, there is enough new going on that we have to deal with already.

Fogg’s “Tiny Habit” method is a great option. It works like this:

  • Choose a tiny habit that will contribute to your greater wellness vision. (Perhaps your greater wellness vision is to remain strong and fit during this pandemic to protect yourself and your family or it’s to have a strong body to be resilient and recover fast if you do become ill…)
  • Yesterday, I posted about the benefit of eating vitamin C rich foods throughout the day to bolster the immune system. A tiny habit to support the example wellness vision above may be to add an orange to your daily morning routine.
  • Next, tie the desired new behavior to an existing behavior – this becomes your anchor or trigger to tie the new desired behavior to.
  • This example could look something like this: “After my morning coffee, I will eat an orange.”
  • For more examples and information on BJ Fogg’s “Tiny Habits” method visit: https://www.tinyhabits.com/

Choose a tiny healthy habit to add today for the greater good and for the promise of vitality.

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