What people are saying about Tami and Promise of Vitality:

As part of our wellness program since 2017, Tami started with individual consultations at our Wellness Fair. Her depth and breadth of knowledge combined with the thoughtful and non-threatening way in which she shares her wisdom was a winning combination with our staff who range from fitness fanatics to folks who have no interest in exercise and nutrition. We asked Tami back to do a lunch and learn focusing on the main issues that were brought forth during the individual consultations. Her session was so well received that we had one of our biggest turnouts ever. We followed with a 4-part series on better nutrition and most recently had a “Diets, what’s the Difference?” lunch and learn and had more than half the company attended. Tami is a virtuoso in her field and a wonderful and warm teacher.  Our wellness motto is “meet people where they are at” so that the message can be received. Tami does that with an elegance and expertise that brings folks back time and time again and helps them connect with their own personal wellness journey.”

Susy Bordin, Human Centered Design Program Manager; Pharos Systems International

Tami created a fresh, thought-provoking and educational resource for my company, Real Food Blends. The content she developed for our evidence-based webinar demonstrated how using real foods to create meals for tube fed individuals can positively impact the diversity and richness of the microbiota and therefore their overall health. The webinar was approved for continuing education credit with the Commission on Dietetic Registration. Working with Tami was great and I appreciated that she was able to take the project and run with it. She was open to feedback and the work flow went very well. We had 350 dietitians and healthcare professionals sign up for our live viewing of the webinar. Our sales dietitians will continue to share this valuable resource with dietitians across the country several times per month.

Julie Bombacino, Co-Founder, CEO
Real Food Blends
Meals for Tube-Fed People

We will provide high quality in-person and telehealth, HIPPA compliant functional nutrition services for individuals. 

Looking for a fresh approach to health for your team or organization? Contact us to schedule a dynamic, thought-provoking functional nutrition presentation, webinar or series.

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