The Power of Nutrition

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It makes me sad to see people suffering or even just “getting through” their days. Nutrition is powerful!!! I’ve witnessed countless individuals take control of their lives when they learn how to harness the power of nutrition. I can help you with your unique, individualized functional nutrition needs for the Promise of Vitality.

The clients I work with are often frustrated as they have tried many different approaches to weight loss and health without success. Often, they are on multiple pharmaceuticals which come with unwanted side-effects. They may be struggling with mental health and physical frustrations such as anxiety, mid-life weight gain and sub-optimal athletic performance.  Many of my clients are hoping to be rid of distressing gastrointestinal symptoms and uncover more energy, more focus, and a leaner physique. Some of my clients are battling depression and anxiety and are unaware of the gut-brain connection and how food affects mood.

I work with my clients to get to the root cause of distressing symptoms. Often, we uncover food sensitivities and find solutions for gut health to optimize whole body health. Together we create a whole food, supplement, and lifestyle plan which promotes vitality, improved mental health, a healthier body weight and/or improved athletic performance.

Are you frustrated with debilitating symptoms that are stopping you from reaching your full potential?

Are you ready to find relief from gastrointestinal distress, anxiety and fatigue so that you can resume your active life?

Are you an athlete looking to take your performance to the next level?

Are you a business or athletic organization interested in having an engaging speaker present to your team about the benefits of functional nutrition?

Enroll with Promise of Vitality today!

Still have questions? Email me to set up a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation at We will take that time to explore your needs and see if Promise of Vitality is a good fit for you.

Featured POV satisfied client:

As part of our wellness program since 2017, Tami started with individual consultations at our Wellness Fair. Her depth and breadth of knowledge combined with the thoughtful and non-threatening way in which she shares her wisdom was a winning combination with our staff who range from fitness fanatics to folks who have no interest in exercise and nutrition. We asked Tami back to do a lunch and learn focusing on the main issues that were brought forth during the individual consultations. Her session was so well received that we had one of our biggest turnouts ever. We followed with a 4-part series on better nutrition and most recently had a “Diets, what’s the Difference?” lunch and learn and had more than half the company attended. Tami is a virtuoso in her field and a wonderful and warm teacher.  Our wellness motto is “meet people where they are at” so that the message can be received. Tami does that with an elegance and expertise that brings folks back time and time again and helps them connect with their own personal wellness journey.”

Susy Bordin, Human Centered Design Program Manager; Pharos Systems International

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