Functional Nutrition Services

Once you Enroll for our functional nutrition services using the secure Healthie platform, you can purchase a package.

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All clients will have free access to their own Healthie app and online portal. Track your food with photo food logging, track your weight, take selfie progress photos, schedule your sessions, message and video chat with your functional nutrition practitioner directly – right from your phone!

In-person Standard Membership $289 –  We at Promise of Vitality recognize that change doesn’t happen overnight and ongoing support is critical for making positive life changes. This package allows you to have one initial and three follow-up appointments within a two-month time frame with your practitioner. In addition, you have access to ongoing support and feedback from your practitioner with up to two months of unlimited messaging, food, and metric tracking using Healthie’s secure platform.

In – person Standard Membership

Telehealth Standard Membership – $189 -BEST VALUEFor those interested in our cost-effective telehealth option,  we offer the same benefit of our standard in-person membership however we meet with you where you are at using “medical skype”.

Telehealth Standard Membership

In-person Solutions Appointment – $94So you want to have a consultation, but you’re not sure you want to commit to a membership, that’s ok.  This appointment will get you started on your functional nutrition and lifestyle solution!

In-person Solutions Appointment

Telehealth Solutions Appointment – $69 – For those interested in our cost-effective telehealth option, we can provided the same service as our in-person solutions appointment however we will meet with you where you are at using “medical skype”.

Telehealth Solutions Appointment

In-person Mini-Membership – $164 – Feel like you may need a little more support than one appointment? This mini-membership could be for you! You’ll have your initial solutions appointment, one follow-up appointment and HIPPA compliant messaging for up to one month!  

In-person Mini-Membership

Telehealth Mini-Membership- $114 – For those interested in our cost-effective telehealth option, we can provide you with the same initial and follow-up visit as our in-person mini membership however we will meet with you where you are at using “medical skype”.

Telehealth Mini-Membership

NEW! Functional Sports Nutrition – For the serious athlete. This service includes an initial 30-minute consultation, Nutrigenomix Sport Testing with Personalized Sport Nutrition Performance Report,  A second 30-minute telehealth meeting to review your Nutrigenomix Sports report, Supplement Recommendations based on your individualized genetic profile and 2 months of unlimited HIPPA compliant messaging with your practitioner to address questions and concerns.

Functional Sports Nutrition

Nutrigenomix Testing – Nutrigenomix testing is now available at Promise of Vitality. You are one simple DNA test away from personal nutrition recommendations. For more information contact us at

Nutrigenomix Package

Nutrigenomix Health Brochure
Download Nutrigenomix® Health Brochure (PDF 479 KB)